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PERM (Program Electronic Review Management):



Professional Positions Non-Professional Positions
Print Ads
  • 2 Sunday ads, can be consecutive Sundays.
  • Journal ad may be used  in lieu of one Sunday Ad if position requires advanced degree plus experience.
  • Must be at least within 180-30 days prior to filing.
  • 2 Sunday ads (may be consecutive Sundays) in newspaper of general circulation.
  • Must be within 180-30 days prior to filing.
Other Recruitment At least 3 additional recruitment efforts required: *job fairs, *employer website, *professional job search website, *on-campus recruiting, *trade or professional organizations, *private employment firms, *employee referral program, *posting at campus placement office, *local or ethnic newspapers, *radio and television advertisements.

Only one of the additional steps may take place within 30 days of filing

None Required.
Job Order w/SWA Must be placed for 30 days.
  • Employer must post notice for at least 10 consecutive business days at the work location,
  • must contain salary (a range OK)
  • must be published in any and all in-house media, electronic or printed, in accordance with normal procedures generally used in recruiting for similar positions in the organization.
Required Ad Text
  • name of the employer
  • identify the geographic area of employment
  • description of the vacancy specific enough to apprise US worker of the job vacancy
  • may include minimum education and experience
  • salary not required
  • responses to be directed to the employer
  • physical address not required.



If you think that you may need a labor certification, please email our office with your resume attached and briefly explain your employment situation. We can suggest the appropriate approaches and strategies for you.


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