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You have come to the licensed attorney with 16 years of experience in practice law in the State of California. We have extensive expertise in Immigration law, Family law, Wills and Trust, Business and Trademark. Our clients comprise of new and old immigrants from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions of the world. We earnestly extend our services to all people who seek an opportunity of success in the United States.


The Law Offices of Helen B. Jiang provides sophisticated legal services with a focus on immigration law. We are very experienced in various areas of Employment Based and Family Based Immigration practice. We have documented high success rate for immigration petitions ranging from PERM, EB-1, EB-2, EB-3 and EB-5. We have also helped people from all over the world in obtaining H-1B, H-2B, E1, E2, E3, L1, R1, O1, TN temporary worker status. We handle our family immigration carefully and professionally because we understand how important the love ones to our clients. If you want to bring over your spouse, your fiance, your children, your parents, your brothers and sisters to the United States, we give you the best consultation and help you to plan the fastest and most secure path for your family unity. We are the bridge to your American Dream.


We support families. We understand that you might have concerns and questions of your legal rights when you plan to enter a marriage union. We help you to prepare Prenuptial Agreement or Postnuptial Agreement. We also help you to break away from a marriage union if it becomes a shackle to you by filing divorce with the Court, to consult and negotiate Settlement terms, to litigate in the court, in order to protect your interest in property division, spousal support and child support.


You have worked very hard to come be where you are. You want to pass your property to people you love without the need to litigate in court. You want to protect your children from any potential financial loss for entering into a bad marriage. You want to plan to sustain your living standard for as long as your live after retirement. You want to avoid onerous cost and troubles for your spouse and children to inherit your properties oversea. You want to avoid the taxation as much as legally allowed. You want to be assured that everything has been properly arranged before you embark on the next trip or take your next flight. Give us a call. Make an appointment to talk to us. We will advise your the best course of actions. We will give you the best Estate Planning that fits your needs.


The Law Offices of Helen B. Jiang also proudly provides our clients legal services to help them to build up successful business enterprises, to protect intellectual property rights, and to protect assets and properties. We have successfully helped hundreds of our clients to incorporate in the State of California, advised clients with Employment Law and Immigration Law, reviewed and advised business contracts, and filed legal action to seek unpaid debts. We have also successfully helped our client to register hundreds of trademarks with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and defended the challenges of trademarks and intellectual property right brought by big corporations.

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